Farm Water Calculator: the annual balance

Step Three

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Water Storage on-farm

Dam Volume

The Dam volume supply figures below will prepopulate based on your Annual average rainfall & Annual average PAN evaporation in step 1.
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Error: Annual evaporation (mm/year) and Annual average rainfall (mm/year) has not been entered in the property details section (Step 1).
No value for the evaporation losses can be populated below without this figure.

Dam Type Depth (m) Top radius Top Length (m) Top Width (m) Surface area (m2) Dam Volume ML Evap. Losses ML/yr Seepage Losses ML/yr Rain onto Dam ML/yr
Dam Water Totals:

Please note: The dam calculations assume a batter slope of 3:1
The gully dam formula used calculates the natural storage only.

Please refer to the following:
Determining the evaporative loss from a farm dam
Seepage Losses from farm dams

Tank Volume

Tank Name Tank Height (m) Tank Radius (m) Tank Volume (Litres/year)
Total Water Tank Volume (L)
Total Water Tank Volume (Megalitres)

Overall farm water storage

Total Dam Volume: 0
Total Tank Volume: 0
Total farm water storage megalitres/year