Farm Water Calculator: the annual balance

Step Four

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Overall Summary


Total on-farm Water use
Total Livestock water requirement: 0
Total household water use: 0
Total garden water use: 0
Total dairy shed water use: 0
Total 'other' water use: 0
Total over-all volume of evaporation:
Total over-all volume of seepage:
Total Overall on-farm water use: 0 megalitres/year
Overall Potential Water Supply
Total supply of water from creeks, rivers, groundwater: 0
Total volume of water from roof surfaces: 0
Total volume of potential water supplying catchment dams: 0
Total over-all volume rain on dam Volume:
Water Supply Total 0 megalitres/year
Overall farm water storage
Total Dam Volume: 0
Total Tank Volume: 0
Total farm water storage 0 megalitres/year