Farm Water Calculator: the annual balance

Please fill in the following table with information relevant to your farming situation. The figures can be altered by typing over the default value, as they have been provided as a starting point. Your own measurements and observations should be used preferentially.
Please Note: The units used within this calculator are megalitres. One megalitre is equal to 1,000,000 litres.

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Step One

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Water use on-farm

Property Details

The rainfall figures below will populate based on your selected location.
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Try a range of yearly rainfall and evaporation rates for your property to see the effect on the water budget. For more locations go to Bureau of Meteorology web-site.

Livestock drinking requirement

The livestock drinking figures below will prepopulate based on your livestock type and sub-type.
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Livestock Type Sub Category Number Megalitres/year
Total Livestock water requirement:

Household water use

Number of Residents Megalitres/year

Garden water use

The Garden water use figures below will prepopulate based on your garden type and area.
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Error: Annual average rainfall (mm/year) has not been entered in the property details section. No value can be populated below without this figure.

Garden type Area m2 Megalitres/year
Total garden water requirement:

Dairy shed water use

The Dairy shed water use figures below will prepopulate based on your dairy type and herd size.
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Dairy type Herd Size Megalitres/year
Total Dairy Shed water use:

Dairy shed water use is very variable. Ideally measure your own water use using - Dairy Shed water how much do I use? booklet and enter figure directly into the Megalitres/year field. Otherwise use the drop down lists to give a reasonable water use figure.

Other water use

Other water uses may include water for spraying, cleaning equipment, cleaning feedpads, or fire-fighting.

Other Megalitres/year
Total Other water use:

If you don't know how much water is used for other activities you may need to manually measure this. The Agricultural Note 'Measuring Water Use in the Dairy' steps through a flow rate and tank volume method to do this.

Total Livestock water requirement: 0
Total household water use: 0
Total garden water use: 0
Total dairy shed water use: 0
Total 'other' water use: 0
Total over-all volume of evaporation: in progress
Total over-all volume of seepage: in progress
Total Overall on-farm water use: megalitres/year

Something to consider:Is the water being used on the farm, appropriately licensed for the way it is being used? For example commercial uses of water such as water used in piggeries, for irrigation, dairies may need a licence for this use. Please contact your local water corporation about your licensing requirements.